BC Racing Suspension for Landrovers

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We often get asked about additional methods of enhancing the performance of your racing bcracing coilovers, well when you ask Canada, we deliver! There are of course a variety of ways to maximize what you’re getting out of your bc racing coilovers and dependant on who you ask the answer will invariably differ, so here’s a couple of our personal favourites:
Rolled fenders – This may not be the most obvious however it addresses the all too common issue of wheel rub. Of course the built in adjustability on some bc coilovers will address this issue but why should you have to compromise on an otherwise perfect setup?
Camber Kits – The inclusion of a camber kit will correct the alignment of the wheel, leading to efficient, even tyre wear, an increased level of grip and subsequently better handling.
There’s so many small details and intricacies involved in achieving that all important ‘perfect setup’ that to say the above is all there is to it, would be doing our range of bc racing suspension a great disservice. If you do have any questions though, our qualified staff are always on hand to ensure your ride is always at its best.

bc racing suspension

Racing Suspension and Coil-over Importance

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As a racing enthusiast, excellent performance on the racing tracks, on the streets or off-road is a priority. BC Racing Coilovers are specially designed with high quality special material to give you as a driver a special edge every time you are on the racing tracks. Coilovers are basically coiled springs that compress and retract and they go over a shock to make it possible for you to lower your car to a desired level. BC Racing suspension manufacturered in Canada build their Coilover systems using different technology and designs to help you adjust the height of your car to a level that offers you better handling.
The manner in which the Coilovers lowers your car will depend on the brand that you choose and the and the specific racing car that you drive. Even at their highest setting, most of the systems lower at least half an inch, although some people may lower their cars by two inches when going to a show, which is not really a drivable look. Depending on your racing needs, some Coilovers allow you to raise your car to make it suitable for off-road purposes.

check out this video below that highlights in depth more about coilovers and how they work.