Changing Racing Wheels On your Car

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Do you have a problem changing your alloy esr racing wheels? The trick is so simple. You can always change your wheels within a very short time and continue with the race. Here is how.
Park the car safely. This is to make sure that you do not block other cars that are still in the race. This also avoids any accidents that may occur. The vehicle should also be on a level ground for balance. The hazard lights are also important.
Get the jack and the spare wheel. Put the jack near the wheel that you want to replace and make sure it holds firmly onto the ground then remove the wheel.
Fix the spare wheel and fasten the nuts in place using your hands. Use the spanner when they can rotate no more. Tighten the remaining bit as tight as you can. Remove the jack and put it back and your alloy racing wheel will be good to go again.



Cross Country Specifications

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F.1.1.   All vehicles must be fitted with an ALRC approved roll-cage.  See separate regulation set for details.

F.2.         SEATS & SEAT BELTS.
F.2.1.   Minimum of a lap belt to be worn by all occupants whilst on a section.
F.2.2.   All seat components must be securely attached regardless of original design.

F.3.         WHEELS & TYRES
F.3.1.      Minimum tyre pressure is 12 psi.
F.3.2.      Spare wheels and tyres need not be carried. (See MSA Yearbook 2006 H.36.7.2.)

F.4.1.     All competing vehicles must carry a fire extinguisher, minimum 1¾ litre AFFF or equivalent extinguishant / weight as specified in the
MSA Yearbook 2006, within reach of, or operable from the driver’s seat.