BC Racing Suspension for Landrovers

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We often get asked about additional methods of enhancing the performance of your racing bcracing coilovers, well when you ask Canada, we deliver! There are of course a variety of ways to maximize what you’re getting out of your bc racing coilovers and dependant on who you ask the answer will invariably differ, so here’s a couple of our personal favourites:
Rolled fenders – This may not be the most obvious however it addresses the all too common issue of wheel rub. Of course the built in adjustability on some bc coilovers will address this issue but why should you have to compromise on an otherwise perfect setup?
Camber Kits – The inclusion of a camber kit will correct the alignment of the wheel, leading to efficient, even tyre wear, an increased level of grip and subsequently better handling.
There’s so many small details and intricacies involved in achieving that all important ‘perfect setup’ that to say the above is all there is to it, would be doing our range of bc racing suspension a great disservice. If you do have any questions though, our qualified staff are always on hand to ensure your ride is always at its best.

bc racing suspension

Racing Suspension and Coil-over Importance

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As a racing enthusiast, excellent performance on the racing tracks, on the streets or off-road is a priority. BC Racing Coilovers are specially designed with high quality special material to give you as a driver a special edge every time you are on the racing tracks. Coilovers are basically coiled springs that compress and retract and they go over a shock to make it possible for you to lower your car to a desired level. BC Racing suspension manufacturered in Canada build their Coilover systems using different technology and designs to help you adjust the height of your car to a level that offers you better handling.
The manner in which the Coilovers lowers your car will depend on the brand that you choose and the and the specific racing car that you drive. Even at their highest setting, most of the systems lower at least half an inch, although some people may lower their cars by two inches when going to a show, which is not really a drivable look. Depending on your racing needs, some Coilovers allow you to raise your car to make it suitable for off-road purposes.

check out this video below that highlights in depth more about coilovers and how they work.



Birthday Bash July 18th Rover Club

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Dunwell Farm Ugborough, Map Ref. 202 674 545.
Camping opens Friday 18th July at 12.00 noon and closes on Monday 21st July at 12.00 noon.
There will be toilets on site along with water and a waste disposal point.

Supplementary Regs.
All vehicles will compete under ALRC and MSA Regulations.
The event is only open to Land Rover ‘Road Vehicles’ (i.e. Land Rovers with a MOT Certificate) – this is a non-damaging event
The event is open to both Club and non-club members but only club members can act as officials.
CoC’s Trish, David and Emma White and other club members I drag in to help!

The event is being run under a MSA Certificate of Exemption.

Membership will be available on the day.
Scrutineering will open at 12.00 noon.
14.00pm start.

There will be a variety of fun and skill games to include egg and spoon and slowest time over a set course etc.
Some of the games will require a navigator as blindfold driving on your own could be interesting!

You are not obliged to complete all of the games, but there will be an overall winner and a suitable prize will be awarded.

At approx 19.00 there will be a BBQ to be held in the barn at the farm
BBQ’s, burgers, sausages, rolls, salad, Pavlovas and fresh fruit salad will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own food if you so wish.

It is up to you to provide any alcohol you require, I will provide the re-cycling bin!!

During the evening there will be a Barn Dance (take your partners etc “Not Necessarily Your Own”) with a caller so we can understand what we are supposed to do!
All of those attending will be expected to turn up in suitable dress for a barn dance (jeans and a cowboy hat & boots for instance.)
If any of the men (or ladies) feel like opting out of the dancing, they will then have to cook the food as a penalty (you have been warned), but I hope you all join in and make this a really fun and special night.

There will be no charges for the weekend but if you wish to make a donation to the Primrose Breast Care Unit that would be gratefully received.

Booking is Essential.
I need numbers for camping, the afternoon events and especially the evening for food etc. Please come and enjoy yourselves.

There will be more of my friends and colleagues joining us for the evening.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

01752 896794 or 07779158363
Or leave a message on the C and D Hotline 01752 690522


Alloy Wheels for offroading

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Many automobiles are manufactured with alloy rims which are better than wheels with hubcaps. Keep in mind that all cars have rims but the aftermarket variety looks better. In some cases they are more durable than the manufactured variety.
Aftermarket wheels have a higher price tag except for a couple brands like esr wheels. Replacing all four wheels with higher rims will usually cost a driver about $1,000 for a new set. The best thing about rims is that they allow motorists to customize the look of their vehicles. A person can purchase high quality set of rims and make their car really stand out from other vehicles.
A good set of rims can also be used for functional purpose. Vehicles that are used for racing are typically made out of durable rims that will not bend or dent easily. Drivers that race vehicles for sport require solid wheels that are able to handle a lot of torque and maneuvering.
The average person that has a vehicle for towing should also use a specific brand of durable rims. Higher end rims are available for pick-up trucks and trailers but they are not as flashy as car rims. Instead, they are made out of durable metals such as aluminum, titanium and magnesium. We got in contact with a reputable company that is building rims by the name of esr wheels they currently have a variety of different models everything from the esr sr01, esr sr02, esr sr03 and lastly the esr sr04. Most major cities and even small towns has at least one shop that specializes in rims Motorists should visit these shops or order a set of customizable aftermarket wheels from online shops similar to that of esr wheels.




Modified Class Requirements 4×4

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The following changes from the Standard Class Regulations are permitted in this class:-When optimising a road-legal vehicle for off-road use, owners may need to take advice on the suitability of any alterations to establish that they are not detrimental to safety for public road use, and that the terms of the vehicle’s insurance are not contravened.C.1.   VEHICLE DIMENSIONS
C.1.1. All dimensions given in the Vehicle Sizes Chart shall apply.

C.2.     STEERING.
C.2.1.   Power steering may be fitted to any model, using parts from any other product listed in A.2. Points of attachment may be strengthened where necessary.

C.3.     ENGINES.
C.3.1.   Any Land Rover or Rover car engines (and others with Rover part numbers) up to a Max of 4600cc may be used complete with their ancillaries subject to A2.
C.3.2.    Carburetors may be changed; air intake system and manifolds may be altered to any specification.
C.3.3.   Engine location and orientation is free on condition that the forward facing part of any engine block (the main cast structure and not ancillary equipment / bolted-on parts) shall be forward of the midpoint of the wheelbase of the vehicle.
C.3.4.      Forced induction petrol engines are not permitted.

C.4.1.      The transmission type and its location are free, provided the transmission consists of parts that have Land Rover / Rover part numbers or equivalent cross-references.

C.5.1.      Any Land Rover suspension system and components may be used on any model and the suspension mounts modified to accommodate the components, the use of air suspension is prohibited except in classes and periods where fitted as original equipment.
C.5.2.      Any axle types may be used (provided they have Land Rover part numbers or equivalent cross-references).
C.5.3.      Coil assisters (where the coil is separate from the shock absorber / damper) may be fitted to a leaf-spring vehicle. The suspension system shall then be deemed to be a coil-spring type and not a leaf-spring type.
C.5.4.      Bump-stops must be fitted in the appropriate location and must be complete factory-specification items that match either the chassis or axles in use.

C.6.       DAMPERS.
C.6.1.      Additional dampers may be fitted.

C.7.         BRAKES.
C.7.1.      Any type of braking system may be used except fiddle brakes.
C.7.2.      Bias braking (front to rear) is permitted but the ability to alter the settings from the driver / passenger compartment, or whilst the vehicle is being driven, is prohibited.

C.8.     CHASSIS

C.8.1.   The chassis may be modified from one or more original Land Rover chassis or one(s) of Land Rover design maintaining a chassis rail separation of Land Rover Ltd design specification. The profile and rectangular cross section above and between the axles must remain as the original.  All welding on the chassis must be of a high standard.

C.8.2.   Rail, space-frame or monocoque chassis construction may be used where factory fitted to that model.

C.9.1.     The radiator may be fitted in any suitable location within the confines of the original silhouette. Coolant hoses and pipework may be re-routed but must be separated from the driver / passenger compartment by means of lagging (if metal pipework) and a solid metal cover (if rubber pipework) to protect all persons including marshals and spectators.
C.9.2.     All pipework, header tanks etc. shall be covered to protect occupants, marshals and spectators should any part of the cooling system fail and cause water or steam to escape.
C.9.3.     The radiator shall be shielded from the driver / passenger compartment regardless of its location. Louvre vents are acceptable as radiator shielding.
C.9.4.     The cooling fan(s) must be protected by a grille, Louvre or similar.

C.10.       FUEL TANKS.
C.10.1.    Fuel tanks may be changed or repositioned but must be securely fixed in place and be of metal construction. Plastic or composite fuel tanks are permitted only where they are factory fitted to that model and mounted in the original position.
C.10.2.    If non-standard fuel filler is used, it must have a leak-proof cap, and be isolated from the driver / passenger compartment by the best possible method commensurate with the vehicle design. Under-seat lids shall be screwed down with a gasket. The very minimum protection for an early under-seat filler is the cap separately sealed. The fuel filler cap must be located in a safe place. Fuel tank air vents must be at least 25cm to the rear of the cockpit and must be designed to prevent the escape of fuel should the vehicle be inverted. It is recommended that a non-return valve is incorporated in the vent system. (See MSA Yearbook 2006 reg Q.6.)

C.11.       BUMPERS
C.11.1.    Heavy duty bumpers, and bumpers associated with winch installations are permitted on condition they are no smaller or weaker than the originals.  See Logbook article Dimensions Chart for bumper widths. (Rules B.12.2 and B.12.3 do not apply in Modified vehicles)

C.12.       SILHOUETTE.
Definition:- The “body capping line” on a “Series” Land Rover or Defender is defined as a horizontal line level with the top edge of the
fixed rear load area surround. The “window line” on Saloon / Station Wagon types is level with the bottom edge of the driver’s door
C.12.1.    The body parts above the “body capping line” or “window-line” (as defined above) may be removed.
C.12.2.    The silhouette (as viewed from the side and front) of the bodywork below the “body capping line” or “window line” (as applicable) must be retained. The chassis, fuel tank etc. are not considered to be part of the silhouette.
C.12.3.    Sill panels may be removed and wings cut away, provided they present no sharp edges. Inner faces of the wings (those either side and forward of the radiator panel on a Series Land Rover) shall remain leaving the silhouette of the body unaltered.
C.12.4.    Bodywork may be replaced with non-Rover items on condition that all other shape / dimension specifications above are adhered to




Road Taxed Vehicle (RTV) Trial – Specific Technical Regulations
E.1.     BODYWORKRule C.12. states which part(s) of the bodywork may be removed. However, in this class, the following applies:-E.1.1.  All vehicles must be in one of the following two configurations:-
E.1.1.1.   Soft-top vehicles – must have the manufacturer’s windscreen raised, and complete manufacturer’s hood and support structure in place. The rear flap on the tilt may be secured open.
E.1.1.2.   Hardtop vehicles must have the whole of the manufacturer’s hardtop or truck cab with all fastenings secured and all glass in position.

E.1.2.      Door tops must be in place complete with all glazing panels in place.
E.1.3.      The tailgate must be in place and secured closed.

E.2.         TYRES & WHEELS
E.2.1.   Vehicles must be entered on their normal road tyres which must be UK road legal for the vehicle on which they are fitted.
E.2.2.   Aluminium wheels and matching nuts may be used in place of factory-fitted steel wheels where suitable hubs are fitted. (See Scrutineering Guide in the ALRC Handbook for details on identification of suitable hubs.)
E.2.3.   Minimum tyre pressure to be 22 psi.
E.2.4.      Spare wheels and tyres need not be carried. (See MSA Yearbook 2006 H.36.7.2.)

E.3.         SEATS & SEAT BELTS.
E.3.1.   Seat backs and squabs must be secured to the vehicle structure at least as securely as originally manufactured unless originally manufactured with no securing devices.
E.3.2.   Vehicles must have a minimum of lap and diagonal seat belts fitted and worn by both driver and passenger. This is to apply even if the vehicle does not require seat belts for use on the public road. A properly fitted 3-point (or better) safety harness is an acceptable replacement for the standard seat belt. Lap belts only are required on Series vehicles up to 1965.

E.4.1.   It is recommended that all competing vehicles carry a fire extinguisher, minimum 1.75 litre AFFF or equivalent extinguishant / weight as specified in the MSA yearbook, operable or accessible from the driver’s seat.

E.5.         FUEL TANKS
E.5.1.   Where the fuel tank and filling system are unaltered from the original design, a standard filler cap may be used unless event SRs state otherwise. See also rule C.10.2.


Rod’s Trailer for Sale

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Please contact the seller directly.
All matters relating to the purchase of items from this web site are to be dealt with directly with the seller.

Only contact the Club for club supplied items (..where contact is club!).

Club Shop – Audrey Retallack – 01566 781446 £0.00
The club shop carries a wide variety of Cornwall & Devon LRC Merchandise. To name but a few:
C&D Sweatshirts – Various colours and sizes – £16.00
C&D Polo shirts – Various colours and sizes – £12.50
Baseball Caps – Various colours One Size – £4.75

Please contact Audrey to view full range and place order. Please remember do not approach Audrey whist competing, please discuss your requirement before or after an event. You have been warned she does bite.

Contact:Audrey Retallack – 01566 781446
“For Sale” Range Rover Vogue 3.9efi auto breaking for spares £0.00
Range Rover Vogue 3.9efi auto breaking for spares. Everything available except axles, steering and engine, although i may be tempted to sell the engine…


Contact:Contact Ian on 07771 882622.
“For Sale” P5 power steering box £100.00
Rover P5 power steering box. Good working order. £100. Can bring to event if that helps.
Contact:Contact Ian on 07771 882622
Contact:Contact: CHRIS LEGG 01822 834446 / 07802 415919
Breaking 3.9 Range Rover – H Reg £0.00
3.9 H Reg Range Rover full sports stainless steel exhaust, clean panels and parts. Please call Dave Browne for parts enquiries and prices.
Contact:Dave Browne – 07774 167434 or 01752 407900
Aluminum Chequerplate Sheets £65.00
For sale. Aluminum Chequerplate Sheets. New. 8 foot by 4 foot. 2.5mm thick. Ideal for Land Rover floors, Rear Tubs, Trans Tunnels, also ideal for trailers, lorries, etc. Can deliver to events. ₤65.00 each. Discount on 4 or more. Call Ian Williams on 07771 882622 for more info.
Contact:Ian Williams on 07771 882622
Class 9, 80in trialer £4,000.00
For Sale.
Class 9, 80in trialer. QT frame/roll cage,
4 pin diffs front & rear.
24 spline heavy duty shafts front and rear.
110 front CV’s & swivels.
New poly bushes (soft yellow type).
New starter motor.
This is a very reliable and competitive Land Rover that has won
many events in the last 5 years inc the Majors, The Mendips,
and many club CCV’s. And it’s ready to use straight away.
I’m only selling it because I have a new trialer.
£4000 (can be cheaper if diffs ect are not wanted)
Phone Mike Smerdon for more details, 01626 354855 or 07889 988200
Contact:Mike Smerdon for more details, 01626 354855 or 07889 988200